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About Rob Drake

Rob Drake of the Guitar and Violin Doctor, has been setting up, repairing and restoring string instruments for close on 25 years and is a specialist in the field.

He undertakes stringed instrument refurbishing, restoration, repairs & modifications.

The instruments he works on are varied and include guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos and ukuleles, sitars and lap harps etc as well as all orchestral string instruments including violins violas cellos and contra basses. He also carries out repairs and rehairing of bows.

Rob is an old fashioned craftsman using his woodworking and technical skills to carry out the repairs he undertakes.

Stringed Instrument Repair & Restoration Services in Muldersdrift

“A well maintained instrument ensures good playability,
sound and value and is a pleasure to play”

 Musical Instrument Repair Services

Stringed instrument repairs, restoration and modification service in South Africa

Playability adjustments and structural repairs include;

  • string change
  • neck, nut and bridge adjustments
  • Bridge repairs and reglueing or replacement
  • headstock repairs
  • broken necks
  • cracks and body repairs
  • tuning machines and peg repairs
  • brace repairs
  • loose bindings
  • pickup and electronic repairs
  • repairs and rehairing of bows

The sound and playability of an instrument can, at times, be improved just by changing the strings and making a few adjustments.

People are saying...


Recently I was online searching for someone to fix and possibly  repair what was left of my late grandpa’s violin which I thought could not be repaired as it looked like something that was found in the dump. I found the Guitar & Violin Doctor (Rob). From day one  Rob kept me updated as to what he was doing and what going to happen next. When I finally got the repaired violin back I was speechless, with tears in my eyes.  I didn’t  expect it to look this good, he exceeded my expectations by far. I would recommend  him over and over –  you will not be disappointed!

 Rowena Roman

People are saying...


I took my beautiful old Ovation 12 string guitar to Rob to hopefully be repaired. The headstock was badly broken in 5 places and it was in a sorry state. Rob put it all back together and I could barely notice where it had been repaired and the guitar played and sounded as good as ever. His workmanship is amazing as is his knowledge of instruments.

 Geoff Brownell

People are saying...


I was very impressed with Rob’s outstanding repair on my cello. It’s the worst thing seeing your precious instrument with a crack in it. It was repaired so well I could not see where the crack had been! Rob has  also repaired many of my students cellos over the years. I have never been disappointed.

Loren Bowen

People are saying...


I would like to say thank you again for taking an old banjolene (that nobody else wanted to touch) and giving it a new lease on life. Finding you was a godsend and i would certainly recommend your services.  You found a way around every difficulty that presented and completely reskinned and refurbished this rather antique instrument to be playable once more. Much gratitude to you for your expertise and patience.

Deborah Gericke

People are saying...


If you require a high end guitar service  Rob is the person.

My Martin D18’s binding separated under the lower shoulder. I was concerned that the guitar had structural issues. I took the guitar to Rob for an assessment where he confirmed that the guitar was structurally sound and the binding could be repaired. I’m extremely happy with the repair especially that I was concerned of the aesthetic finish. Rob is extremely welcoming and professional, has a kind heart and attitude. Thanks Rob!!!

Anthony Naidoo

People are saying...


I have a music instrument hiring company and Rob Drake has done all my string instrument repairs and setups over a great number of years.

Rob is very knowledgeable and is always very professional. I can highly recommend him for all string instrument repairs and restoration.

Jenny Coot

People are saying...


I took my daughters 3/4 violin to Rob to have retuned as the bridge and strings were constantly collapsing. Rob realized what the problem was immediately and advised that the bow was being put back in the case incorrectly causing the hairs to get entangled in the fine tuners and puĺl at them, thus causing the bridge to collapse. He was always charming and knows everything about violins.

Tessa Hund

People are saying...


This is a world class service. Rob puts that extra effort into getting the best out of an instrument both in sound and playability. He also does an amazing job on the big repairs.

Justin Hill

People are saying...


Rob has been looking after my guitars since I began playing the instrument. His passion for music is evident in his fine attention to detail and friendly manner, and he is cognisant of how the performance of the instrument should best serve the player.

Gavin Wild

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All repairs are carried out in Rob’s workshop in Muldersdrift, Gauteng.

There is no charge for an inspection or assessment of your instrument.

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